Vehicle Sharing

Enable scalable, worry-free vehicle sharing

Reduce the risk of vehicle damage, and build trust to increase participation on your platform.

Why safety screening for vehicle sharing is important

Leverage safety screening to get a holistic assessment of driver history. Better understand the risk that renters can pose in your marketplace to make informed decisions about who can rent on your platform.

A safer way to share vehicles

Screen renters to create a trusted marketplace.

Increase participation

Prioritize safety measures to empower car owners with a sense of trust when lending their vehicles to strangers.

Enhance safety measures to increase marketplace supply by attracting new vehicle owners and retaining existing providers.

Safety Screening integrates seamlessly with your platform via API and is a cost-effective solution designed to scale with your business.

Why partner with Checkr Trust


Authoritative data sources

And growing. We’re constantly adding new sources at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels, across the United States. From arrest records to sex offender registry, global watchlist to driver history records, we’ve got you covered.

Powerful data filtering options

Cut to the chase. You have unique business needs, and we have advanced filtering options to navigate you to the most relevant data insights. Leverage our flexible APIs and in-house experts to craft your ideal data solution.


API uptimes

Yes, we’re serious. Our in-house team of experts is continuously building, optimizing, and monitoring our database, APIs, and connected sources to ensure your search queries stay in the clear.

“At Turo, our commitment to creating a trusted & safe environment for both vehicle hosts and guests is paramount. By partnering with Checkr Trust, we’re leveraging cutting-edge technology to identify potential risks early on to mitigate downstream business impacts. This reinforces Turo as a brand that vehicle owners can trust with their valuable assets.”

Mike Wilkins
Senior Director of Trust & Safety


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