Ensure driver safety with every pick-up

Provide an additional layer of safety for drivers by screening riders, and empower drivers to feel confident picking up extra shifts.

Why safety screening is important for driver safety

Whether providing rides for individuals or groups, drivers are frequently exposed to potential risk at all times of the day. Protect drivers with safety screening and access data like the sex offender registry, assault records, and our national criminal database.

Keep your rideshare drivers safe

Set the standard for driver safety.

Reduce incidents

Use safety screening at onboarding to proactively screen for risk before someone requests a ride, and boost brand reputation by prioritizing safety.

Empower drivers to complete extra rides, even late at night. More drivers means reduced wait times and cancellations, giving you a competitive edge.

Safety Screening integrates seamlessly with your platform via API and is a cost-effective solution designed to scale with your business.

Why partner with Checkr Trust


Authoritative data sources

And growing. We’re constantly adding new sources at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels, across the United States. From arrest records to sex offender registry, global watchlist to driver history records, we’ve got you covered.

Powerful data filtering options

Cut to the chase. You have unique business needs, and we have advanced filtering options to navigate you to the most relevant data insights. Leverage our flexible APIs and in-house experts to craft your ideal data solution.


API uptimes

Yes, we’re serious. Our in-house team of experts is continuously building, optimizing, and monitoring our database, APIs, and connected sources to ensure your search queries are handled swiftly and reliably.


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