Safety Screening

Create safe, inclusive communities and marketplaces with near-instant criminal data checks. Innovate your Trust & Safety processes and reduce risk.

Why safety screening is important.

Safety screenings can help you efficiently reduce platform risk, create safer communities and marketplaces, and unlock revenue opportunities. Leverage reliable criminal data from authoritative and proprietary sources to enhance platform safety and the user experience.

Enhance safety to reduce costly risk

Safety screening delivers reliable access to criminal data that covers 98% of the US so you can streamline risk assessment and minimize business costs.

Enhance brand perception to attract and retain users. Pioneer safety to differentiate your business, and promptly identify potential risks to reduce incidents, lawsuits, and irreparable harm to your brand.

Filter for records most relevant to your platform’s policies. Collaborate with our team of industry experts for a tailored solution that integrates seamlessly via API.

People data that runs at scale.
For communities that rely on trust.

How safety screening works

Safety screening offers instant criminal data that detects potential risks, providing the information needed to help match user identity, search for records, and make informed safety decisions. With minimal friction, our data feeds into your platform via APIs and delivers results in seconds.

Step 1:


Use platform data, including name and date of birth, to help match a user from their profile to existing records.

Step 2:

Records & Data

Run a search on a user and confirm any hits from multiple sources, including criminal databases, watchlists, and sex offender registry.

Step 3:

Assess & Take Action

Bypass the legal jargon with our proprietary classification so you can easily understand relevant records and decide who accesses your platform and community.

Why partner with Checkr Trust


Authoritative data sources

And growing. We’re constantly adding new sources at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels, across the United States. From arrest records to sex offender registry, global watchlist to driver history records, we’ve got you covered.

Powerful data filtering options

Cut to the chase. You have unique business needs, and we have advanced filtering options to navigate you to the most relevant data insights. Leverage our flexible APIs and in-house experts to craft your ideal data solution.


API uptimes

Yes, we’re serious. Our in-house team of experts is continuously building, optimizing, and monitoring our database, APIs, and connected sources to ensure your search queries stay in the clear.

“We believe it’s the most comprehensive data to help our customers keep their employees and workplaces safe and secure. It’s a very seamless way of running checks against specific lists during the visitor sign-in process (from sex offender registry, global watch list, denied persons list, international military personnel, and more). This helps save a ton of time and builds trust in who we let into our clients’ physical spaces.”

Justin Bullock
VP of Sales


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