A New Era of Trust & Safety

Create safer communities and marketplaces by integrating with our extensive criminal data and court records via instantaneous screening solutions.

Industries we serve


Protect your caregivers by screening the parents and family members requesting care and home health services inside their private homes.


Provide an additional layer of safety for drivers by screening riders, and empower drivers to feel confident picking up late-night shifts.

Visitor Management Systems

Increase security for events and onsite communities such as schools, hospitals, offices, apartment complexes, and retirement homes.


Mitigate the risk of vehicle fraud and damage, and bolster trust with your renter community to encourage more participation on your platform.

Online Dating

Establish trust from the get-go to boost brand reputation and help platform users feel safe during both virtual and in-person interactions.

Online Communities

Inject safety checks throughout the user journey to redefine and enhance platform safety and create better experiences for every community member.

Keep all members of your community safe

Protect drivers by screening riders, caregivers by screening those requesting care, screen visitors to public spaces, and users across your marketplace or online community platform. Take proactive measures to protect community members and keep bad actors off your platform.

Improve Trust & Safety measures to strengthen your community

Show community members that their safety is your priority. Integrate extensive criminal data and court records into your platform via customizable Safety Screenings, and leverage these checks to create a better user experience, empower community participation and engagement, and attract new members.

An integrated suite of Trust & Safety products

Safety Screenings, not your typical background check

A lightweight, instantaneous, and cost-effective approach to increase safety of your entire community or marketplace. 

Flexible criminal data sources

Filter for the criminal data sources most relevant to your community policies or guidelines, from assault records to sex offender registry, to property theft or global watchlists.

Easy to integrate APIs

We’ve made it easy to integrate our criminal data APIs with your marketplace platform, visitor management system, or content moderation tools. Our trusted solutions team is also here to help!

Instant results = low user friction

Our database searches return in seconds, meaning you can easily weave them into your existing user experience and content moderation processes.

Safety at a price that scales

Unlike background checks from consumer reporting agencies that cost up to $50 per search, our Safety Screening offering is a fraction of the price, meaning you can scale our criminal data APIs across a variety of user touchpoints.

ID Match, real-time identity verification

Instant identity checks so you can have higher confidence in who your user is.

Verify that your user actually exists

Authoritative identity checks from trusted data sources for every person with a driver’s license or government ID issued in the US.

Get instant results

Choose from a variety of data points to validate with instant results from the official issuing source.

Pair identity checks with your safety screening

Authenticate government-issued driver’s licenses/IDs before proceeding with additional screening measures. Ensure your screening process is accurate and cost-effective.

A simple API integration + a standardized format

Easily integrate with our single API that delivers standardized “match” or “no match” results for each field submitted for validation.

Ready to innovate your Trust & Safety process?