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Checkr Trust makes it easy to integrate safety screening data into your workflows so you can take smart steps to make your marketplace or community trustworthy and safe for everyone.

A leap forward in trust and safety technology

Checkr Trust isn’t your typical background check. Our technology searches criminal and court databases to find risk signals in your marketplace or community. It’s a fast, flexible, and fair way to make better trust and safety decisions.

 Safety screening  products for building trusted communities

Protect your people and brand. Increase your growth and revenue.

Less risk, more reward.

The human cost of safety risks is immeasurable, but the business costs are clear—PR, lawsuits, reimbursements, disruption, and operational expense. Doing nothing to reduce risk is the most costly option. Our screening products can help de-risk your community and derive the value that only comes with trust and safety.

The safety of your community or marketplace is a powerful differentiator. Brands that proactively work to keep people safe and uphold their trust have the advantage. Integrating our people risk data can help you get there first and position your brand to drive loyalty, advocacy, and lifetime value.

Even a few bad actors can have an outsized impact on the health of your community. Our technology can help you find risk signals without adding friction or impacting your funnel. Because we’re not here to keep people out, we’re here to help you grow safer and stronger.

Our safety screening products give you more flexibility than traditional background checks. You decide when to screen, who to check, and what to do with the information. With more options and control come new opportunities to drive retention and monetize enhanced trust and safety experiences.

People data that runs at scale.
For communities that rely on trust.

Trust-have technology for your community.

Robust, nationwide database

We integrate with public systems to create extensive people records databases. We actively manage the data to help ensure it’s comprehensive and up to date.


Government sources at federal, state, and municipal levels


Coverage of the US population in our database

API-first solution

Our developer-friendly APIs make it easy to create custom screening workflows and integrate them with your platform and system.

Low cost

Our screening products are a fraction of the cost of traditional background checks, so you can scale them across your operations.

Fair, without compromising speed

Flexible workflows let you determine what records matter so you can make informed and transparent trust and safety decisions.

Our searches return results in seconds, so you can integrate trusted people data into your processes without impacting your user experience.

Our screening products are a fraction of the cost of traditional background checks, so you can scale them across your operations.

& more Safety Screening features

  • Flexible workflows
  • Simple search
  • Easy classification
  • Household screening
  • Identity matching

Partner with the leader in trust tech.

First, Checkr empowered the gig economy with fast and fair employee background checks. Now we’re helping online communities, marketplaces, and rental businesses integrate safety screening data into their workflows so they can make trust and safety decisions that protect their users with Checkr Trust.

Engineering Edge
Access the latest and greatest data.

We’re experts in capturing, structuring, storing, and searching criminal and people risk data. We’ve built the industry’s largest technology team to continuously scrape public infrastructure and actively manage our databases so they stay current, comprehensive, and clean.

We partner to understand your business priorities and the challenges that safety screening can help solve. We use our deep expertise in criminal people data to help identify the filters and records that matter, and then we co-design workflows that elevate your user experience and make your community safer

Our industry experts help you use our people risk data to drive trust and safety without compromising engagement and growth. We offer insights to help refine your screening strategy, improve your search results, and create more elegant user experiences.


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